How do I load and view well locations?


Wellnames can be imported into Migri and MigriX by right-clicking on the Basemaps folder in the Project Workspace and selecting the "Import As points..." option. Several different file formats are recognised (see below). Use the "Map onto all layers" option in the properties pane to project the well names onto all model layers.

Point data files
Migri can load well locations (points) in the Irap Classic (ASCII and binary, subfix: .pol) and ZMap (ASCII, subfix: .zpol) as well as generic XYZ-files (subfix .xyz). The file subfix should be set according to the format type, in order to ensure that Migri recognizes it correctly. 

CSV Files
Use "Easting, Northing, Depth" as headings for xyz columns. Depth should be negative values below sea surface. Migri will convert geographic coordinates to UTM coordinates when loading the file if Longitude, Latitude are used as column headings. It will also try to interpret other column names using a list of aliases before it loads the data in order to do the right conversions.


NPD data
The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has made a lot of data available on the NPD factpages, and Migri can load many of these data types. This includes the wellbore location file which can be imported directly using the Basemaps/Import As points option.



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