Which input data is required by Migri?


The minimum requirement for running a quick-look migration model is one or depth maps covering the kitchen area and prospect location. The depth maps can be in Zmap+, Irap or XYZ point format.

For more advanced models, you may want to load fault polygons or planes (ZMap+, Irap, TrapTester or XYZ format). You may also want to import one or more well logs in order to build a detailed vertical lithology model. Migri can read  well logs in LAS 2.0 and csv (Excel) format.

Other input data can be loaded as grids in the same format as for depth maps. Histories with different maps for each timestep can be easily constructed using the Histories editor in Migri.
Typical data that you may want to import as grids or histories include:
- Source rock quality (TOC, HI)
- Overpressure
- Temperature (or you may let Migri calculate the thermal field)
- Lateral facies maps
- Paleowaterdepth estimates
- Erosion events

Seismic data in SEGY or VoxelGeo VOL format may, if available, also be imported and used in populating the basin model.

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