What is the meaning of the different Pressure properties in Migri?


Input descriptions:
For the overpressures, the total overpressures will be:

Overpressure.fraction * OverpressureHistory.


History of overpressure [MPa] for the layer (see History editor and Input/History). The OverpressureHistory is here given for each layer in Input/Geomodel. Overpressures can also be interpolated from well data using the Migri pressure compartment interpolation method.

Model/PT descriptions:
Pressures are plotted in MPa. The plots include Overpressure (Total pressure - Pressure), Excess Pressure (Overpressure – P.excess), the pressure gradients (P.gradient) and the leakoff pressures (P.leakoff).

The P.sealed command plots (P.leakoff – P.total) while the HC.sealed plots the column of hydrocarbons that can be sealed until hydraulic leakage as meters for a density contrast of 0.5 g/cm3 (500 kg/m3).

The overpressures plotted here are computed from overpressure grids provided as input from e.g. a 3D basin scale pressure simulator or from the Migri pressure compartment interpolations or from a present day overpressure grid in combination with overpressure scaling factors for each time-step.




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