How to avoid 'Insufficient virtual memory error' ?


This message may pop up if the memory of your pc is filled up, either because you have several large-memory applications (e.g. Petrel, Petromod, Migri at the same time on a PC) or because your Migri model is too large for your computer. We have found that the most likely task that can generate this message is the creation of geometries followed by reloading the model. The good news is that often the creation of the geometry is still successful, and opening Migri and reloading the new project file will allow you to continue. You can increase the virtual memory of your computer, but this means that data will be put on disk and this can slow your computer down a lot. You may check the Info tab (see figure) to see how large the model is. System Details in Help/AboutMigri gives you info about the memory available on your computer. We have found that you need up to 1 Gb of memory for each 1 million elements in your Migri model.



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