How do I activate a MigriX license?

MigriX supports two alternative license control systems:
- License key - an uncounted MigriX license, which will only function on one designated computer.
- FlexNet licensing - using a license file. Allows for accessing floating licenses from a license server.
By default, the License key option is selected. The license can then be activated by opening the License Status panel in the Help menu. This will show information about the current license, once it has been activated. A 30 day trial period can be activated by pressing the Start free trial period button. If you have a license key available, it can be activated by pressing the Activate license key button.
The license key option cannot be used in virtual machine (VM) environments. To test MigriX in a VM enviroment, please contact us at and we will provide you with a evaluation license for the FlexNet system.
Note that using these actions require internet access at the time of license activation. For more details on these options, see the License Status panel description in the user manual.
For using the FlexNet licensing options, see the MigriX user manual
Figure 1.1 License Status panel with Licence key option active (left) .
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