How do I activate a Migri license?

Migri utilises the FLEXnet license control system. There are three types of licenses that can be used with Migri:
  • Demo license – An uncounted license which gives you access to the full Migri functionality, but cannot run models larger than a given size.
  • Node-locked license – An uncounted license, which will only function on one designated PC (locked to e.g. ethernet address ).
  • Floating license – A counted license which can be accessed from any machine in the network. Requires a license server.

Migri will check a (local or server) license for a valid license key that can be checked out. Typical problems with the license include:
the date of the license has expired
- the project is too large for the demo license and you do not have a full license
- there is no connection to the license server
- all the full licenses are already in use.

Obtaining a new node-locked or floating license
In order to obtain a node-locked or floating license key, please contact Migris support at In order to generate the license, we will need hardware information (host-ID) for the machine where Migri will be installed (for node-locked licenses) or on the machine where the license server will be running (for floating licenses).

The simplest way to obtain this information is to open Migri and go to the File->License Settings dialog. Click on the Show hostID button and copy the contents displayed into an email to Migris support in order to generate the new license which is returned to you.

Obtaining Host-id information from the File->License Settings dialog.

Alternative ways to determine the host-id include:

Change to the FLEXnet directory in the MigriX installation and issue the command ./lmutil lmhostid
Use command: /sbin/ifconfig eth0 (Use HWaddr in eth0 output and remove colons)

Run the LMTOOLS (lmtools.exe) utility located in the FLEXnet directory. This will bring up an application window. Here, select the “Systems settings” tab and click on “Save HOSTID Info to file”.
Open a command window (Start menu;Run... enter cmd and press enter) and type ipconfig /all. Use the Physical Address of Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection.
Activating a node-locked license
To activate a node-locked license, simply copy the new license-file onto your system. We recommend storing Migri license files in the FLEXnet folder in your Migri installation (e.g. C:\Program Files\Migri\FLEXnet\migri_new.lic). After installing the license, launch Migri and choose File->License Settings.
In the License Settings dialog, set the “Path to local license file” to point to the new license file and click “OK” to save the changes. You should now be ready to start loading projects into Migri with this new license file.
Activating a floating license
A license server is required to use a floating license. FLEXnet is used by a number of G&G software vendors, so in most cases your company will already have a FLEXnet license server running. If so, simply forward the new license file to the system administrator. The license server is identified by the name or IP-address of the machine which hosts the license server and a port number assigned to FLEXnet. Ask your system administrator if you do not already have this information at hand.
After the license has been installed, launch Migri and open the File/LicenseSettings dialog. Edit the “License server (port@host)” field so that it points to the address of your license server. If you always want to use a server license instead of a local license, you may unselect the “Check local license first” option. When finished, click “OK” to save your changes. The new license should now be operative.
Starting a license server
In case you do not already have a FLEXnet server running, you may set up a new server on one of your computers using the LMTOOLS utility.  The procedure on Windows PCs is as follows:
a)     Launch the lmtools.exe application located in the /FLEXnet folder of your Migri installation.
b)     Navigate to the “Service/License File” panel. Select “Configuration using Services
c)     Navigate to the “Config Services” panel. Set “Service Name” field to “Migri License Manager”.
-       Set “Path to the lmgrd.exe file” by using the Browse button. You will find it in the /FLEXnet folder in the Migri installation.
-       Set “Path to the license file” by using the Browse button. Navigate to your existing license file.
-       Select “Use Services” and “Start Server at Power Up”. This will ensure that the Migri license server automatically starts up each time you restart your PC.
-       Click “Save Service” to save your settings.
d)    Navigate to the “Start/Stop/Reread” panel. Select the “Migri License Manager” in the List and click on “Start Server”
e)     Test the server by going to the “Server Status” panel and click on “Perform Status Enquiry”. If there are any problems with the server, these will be reported in the text box below. If not, you may assume that the server is running after a 1-2 minutes wait.
The Migri License server should now be up and running and the Migri application can now be started.
From a terminal window, issue the following commands
a) cd <installation path>/FLEXnet
b) ./lmgrd -c  <licensefile>
For more details on running license servers, see the LicenseAdministration.pdf document found in the FLEXnet installation directory.



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