Mouse and Keyboard shortcuts

Below is a list of some of the most useful shortcuts in Migri.

* RMB/MMB/LMB=Right/Middle/Left Mouse Button

Model interaction
·         MousePan: LMB - Hold left mouse button down and move the mouse around.
·         Rotate: RMB - Hold right mouse button down and move the mouse around.
·         Zoom: MMB or RMB+LMB - Hold mouse button(s) down and move mouse around.
·         Select layer: LMB - Click on the layer to be selected.
·         Unselect layer(s): LMB - Click outside of the layers.
·         Hide layer: Ctrl+RMB - Click on the layer to be hidden.
·         Hide other layers: Ctrl+Alt+RMB – Click on layer to remain visible
·         Show all layers: Ctrl+RMB - Click outside of the layers.
·         Switch visible/invisible layers: Ctrl+Alt+RMB outside of the layers
·         Pick node: Ctrl+LMB - Click on the node to be selected.
·         Unpick nodes: Multi-select button (or ticker in Selection Info panel) removes all pickings.
·         Show clipping locators when clipping plane/box is active: Shift.
·         Move clipping plane/box: Shift+LMB (translate) and Shift+RMB (rotate)
·         Resize clipping box: Shift+LMB on corner clipping box locators and then move mouse
·         Ctrl+Shift+LMB – add xyz-point (multi-point selection must be active)
·         Ctrl+LMB – add point at center of node
·         LMB – select a point in list by picking it in the 3D view.
·         <Delete> – delete point
·         Ctrl+<Delete> - delete polyline (between 2 breaks)
·         Ctrl+<Up> – Move point up in list
·         Ctrl+<Down> – move point down in list
·         Ctrl+<Home> – Move point to top of list
·         Ctrl+<End> – move point to end of list
·         Ctrl+B – add <break> below point or remove point if it is a break
·         <Insert> – Duplicate point (insert new point after selected point with same location etc)
·         New project: Ctrl+N
·         Open project: Ctrl+O
·         Exit application: Ctrl+Q

·         Animation Play forward: Ctrl+Alt+Space
·         Animation Stop: Ctrl+Alt+Backspace
·         Animation Step forward: Ctrl+Alt+F
·         Animation Step backward: Ctrl+Alt+B

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