What data formats does Migri and MigriX support?


Migri and MigriX can import a large variety of file formats, including the following:



Irap, Zmap+, CPS-3,  Geocap, ArcGIS ESRI


Well data:

LAS 2.0, CSV, various XYZ data formats, SQLite


Polygon data:

ZMAP ASCII, Irap ASCII, ArcGIS Shape, CSV, various XYZ data formats


Fault data (Migri only):

TrapTester , Petrel fault sticks, ZMAP ASCII, Irap ASCII, CSV, various XYZ data formats


Seismic data (Migri only):

SEGY , VoxelGeo (Paradigm), RSF (Madagascar)


PetroMod3D projects can also easily be loaded into Migri.

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