Cannot load and display well data in the 3d view.


This is most likely caused by Migri not being able to find the correct well location(s).

Migri will first try to get the coordinate information from the well file (e.g. CSV, XYZ or LAS file). If this fails, it will instead check a "well database" file (migri-wells.csv in the /db directory) for coordinate information, using the well name as lookup information.


CSV files:

Migri will convert geographic coordinates to UTM coordinates when loading the file if Longitude, Latitude are used as column headings.

It will also try to interpret other column names using aliases into these column names before it tries to load the data in order to do the right conversions. Some of the aliases that Migri understands are:

For X: EW_decimal_degrees, ew degrees, East
For Y: NS_decimal_degrees, ns_decimal_degrees, ns degrees, North
For depth: total_depth, TVD, MWD, depth, Z

Geographic coordinates will be automatically converted to UTM Coordinates (UTM Easting, UTM Northing), assuming that the central meridian has been properly set for the project (the Project.median variable).


XYZ files:

Migri will load the UTM X and Y coordinates from the two first columns. Make sure that the central meridian has been properly set for the project (see the Project.median variable). 

In order to avoid problems parsing the input, the files should be named with subfix according to the following scheme:

.xys   :ASCII Zmap polygon file with x, y and segment # as in three columns
.xysz :ASCII Zmap polygon file with x, y, segment, depth in four columns
.xyzs :ASCII Zmap polygon file with x, y, depth and segment # in four columns
.xyz  :ASCII file with x y and z as 3 columns and 999. for breaks in lines.


Well database file:

Migri will also attempt an automatic lookup from columns named “Wellname” (or other Wellname aliases, e.g. wellbore_name, well_name, well) in the migri-wells.csv file if this file contains the required wells. The migri-wells.csv file should not contain too many columns, and we recommend e.g. the column titles:

wellbore_name, NS_decimal_degrees, kelly_bushing_elevation, water_depth

If there is no migri-wells.csv in the /db directory, Migri will try to load the file from the /data directory of the installation.






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