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This page contains information about new MigriX releases, including a list of changes from the previous versions.

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Release history:

1.9 series

1.9.8 - 201217: Maintenance release 1.9.8

1.9.6 - 200821: Production release 1.9.6

1.8 series

1.8.4 - 191002: Production release 1.8.4

1.6 series

1.6.8 - 180801: Maintenance release 1.6.8

1.6.6 - 180615: Maintenance release 1.6.6

1.6.4 - 180504: Production release 1.6.4 

1.5 series

1.5.6 - 170914: Maintenance  release 1.5.6

1.5.4 - 170828: Maintenance  release 1.5.4

1.5.2 - 170713: Maintenance  release 1.5.2

1.5.0 - 170530: Production release 1.5.0




MigriX 1.9.8 - 201217 (200821) is a maintenance release:

  • Improved shape file (polygons «ring») loading
  • Added Oil.adjust and Gas.adjust scaling factors for generated source rock volumes.
  • Fixed missing reset of Oil.adjust and Gas.adjust factors when switching off injection modelling.
  • Fixed incorrect alignment of charts in Trap Viewer.

MigriX 1.9.6 - 200821 (200821) is a production release:

  • Faults can be added as lateral barriers to flow
  • New Extract Project utility
  • Bugfixes

MigriX 1.8.4 - 191002 (191002) is a production release:

  • New History Editor for temperatures, overpressure and seal events.
  • New Modify Areas tool to quickly edit input properties within polygons.
  • Allowing for switching between metric and oil field units in TrapViewer and Drainage area analysis.
  • Allowing for switching between m and ft as input units for depth maps in the Geological Events Editor.
  • Added reload button in Explorer to force update of the file tree.
  • The "Visualize each step" setting is now stored when closing MigriX.
  • Fixed bug causing "open last project" to sometimes open the wrong project when running more than one MigriX instance.
  • Layer models can now be created from a well tops (.csv) table file.
  • Bug fixes


MigriX 1.6.8 - 180801 (180801) is a production maintenance release:

  • Improved handling of spill from complex traps
  • Tracking of all user parameter changes (stored in Changes.info table)
  • New (unique) caserun name automatically assigned when starting simulation run
  • Fixed an issue with temperature gradient at 0Ma sometimes being overwritten when using Modify project.


 MigriX 1.6.6 - 180615 (180615) is a production maintenance release:

  • Fixed Geohistory line drawing error.


MigriX 1.6.4 - 180504 (180504) is a production maintenance release:

  • Basement age is no longer included in the timestep list when creating a new project with the “Event” or “Interpolated” timesteps options active.

  • Added “Histories” column to the Timesteps Table Editor. It allows for defining which timesteps to compute histories (e.g. temperature, burial) for. 

  • Added Input/Layer Hydraulic/Retention for user control over migration retention (losses).
  • Added Results/Flow/Retained for viewing results from retention calculations 
  • User parameter changes are now stored in a Changes.info table with date/time of change
  • New Modify project option to edit an existing project with the Project setup wizard.
  • Added “Download NPD data” option to the RMB menu in Explorer.
  • Burial histories for large present day water-depths improved.
  • More accurate migration in uppermost layer below seabed.


 MigriX 1.5.6 - 170914 (170914) is a production maintenance release:

  • Added filtering of paleo-traps in TrapViewer by trap size.
  • Added option in TrapViewer table to show data only for a given topic, e.g. HC volumes.
  • Other tweaks and minor improvements to TrapViewer plots.


 MigriX 1.5.4 - 170828 (170829) is a production maintenance release:

  • Improved accuracy of oil column calculation for traps with large spill volumes and small oil columns
  • Fixed bug that resulted in progress bar disappearing during simulations
  • Fixed crash when copying table data into Table editor
  • Fixed some issues in the Injection tool


 MigriX 1.5.2 - 170713 (170713) is a production maintenance release:

  • Improved the import and export capabilities for Shape files
  • Multi-polygons can now be used as input to HC injection
  • Added "Show drainage area" options to RMB menu in the 3D view
  • Improved plotting of shallow layers and other tweaks to GeoHistory
  • Added picking (CTRL+LMB button) to GeoHistory plots
  • Simplifications to the Drainage Area Analysis tool
  • Fix: removed issue with geometries being generated twice after modifying the Geological Events table and saving
  • Minor tweaks and bugfixes


MigriX 1.5.0 - 170530 (170530) is a production release:

  • More options available for HC injection migration, including flood injection and quick injection.
  • Added a table editor for source rock properties.
  • New Edit top-level menu introduced
  • Added more project setup wizard options, including temperatures and timesteps.
  • Injection toolbar added.
  • Loading of polygon Shape (.shp) files supported
  • Added new Source Potential Index (SPI) plot
  • New drainage area analysis tool included.
  • Added source rock definition table to project setup wizard
  • More options to the Project info page in the setup wizard
  • New simplified licensing system with online activation support.
  • Bug fixes
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